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Get ready. Our Kickstarter campaign is coming on the 22nd of November...


  • To break down barriers and to start conversations about mental health with the help of clothing



  • A percentage of our profits will support different charities

  • A percentage of our profits will go towards making podcasts and documentaries about mental health

  • We will use environmentally friendly production and recyclable products where we can

  • No product will ever conform to a gender



The Kickstarter campaign will support:

  • One of the designs and it’s first set of t-shirts orientated around bringing awareness to Cyberbullying

  • Our tote bags

  • E-commerce and insurance

  • We are starting this journey with four t-shirts in our collection. The more support we receive during the Kickstarter, the more we can initially do with the business and the less we will have to borrow in a loan. For example, we may be able to fund all four tops rather than just one... Or maybe we could have five, six tops, who knows! It's amazing what can arise when people work as a team.

  • If successful we promise a celebratory launch party with performances, speeches and dancing!

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